Simona (b.1984, Lithuania) is an abstract minimalist painter based in London, UK.

In her own words: "I love big city rush hours, complex maps and puzzles, and the buzz I get when new ideas and theories click in my head. Yet when it comes to the visual world I choose calculated elegance, slow rhythm, balance and simplicity."

Elegant balanced simplicity describes her choice of shapes, lines and colours. Her paintings become a place to contain the chaos of life, stripping it off its unnecessary details, and untangling it bit by bit until it gets to its core.

She is influenced by works and ideas of B.Newman, R.Motherwell and early minimalism and modernism of 60’s and 70’s. M.Vignelli’s work and design philosophy resonates with her a lot while urban architecture, fashion photography and cartography will catch her eye wherever she goes.

black and brown makeup brush
black and brown makeup brush

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